Patient experience

Centre for Quality and Patient Safety Research

This pillar of our research investigates patients’ and family members’ experiences of health services. We research under the broad domain of health service evaluation. Patient experience is a central pillar of quality in health care, alongside clinical effectiveness and safety.

  • Our research focus

    Our research into the patient experience is focused on two areas:

    Understanding people’s perspectives

    Our research is focused on understanding people’s perspectives of health care. We want to determine what matters to them.

    Understanding the processes of care delivery

    Our research looks at:

    • Minimising clinical risks
    • Promoting continuity
    • Integration and coordination of care
    • Promotion of comfort
    • Partnering with consumers
  • Our partnerships with industry

    Partnerships with industry form the basis for research in this area. Our researchers collaborate with clinicians to:

    • translate research knowledge into practice
    • develop and implement innovations designed to reduce adverse events
    • facilitate consumer engagement and participation
    • improve the safety and quality of care.