Health workforce

Centre for Quality and Patient Safety Research

We focus on developing and evaluating innovations to improve the capacity, responsiveness and productivity of the health workforce. We’re researching the effective use of technologies such as tele-health to provide improved quality of care. We work in partnership with the health sector to evaluate these initiatives.

  • Health system challenges

    The major challenge facing the Australian health system is how to use limited resources effectively and efficiently. Our research focuses on how to meet the growing health demands of an ageing population with an increasing burden of chronic disease.

  • Examining the health workforce

    Our research examines the health workforce to ensure that health professionals are working to their full scope of practice and are utilised effectively and appropriately.

    We work in partnership with the health sector to evaluate initiatives aimed at:

    • increasing the productivity, responsiveness and capacity of the health workforce
    • evaluating new workforce models and new roles for health professionals
    • redesigning existing health professional roles.
  • Transforming residential aged care

    The Tri-focal Model of Care promotes partnership-centred care, evidence-based practice and positive and healthy work environments in Residential Aged Care (RAC). We’re working in collaboration with seven RAC facilities in Victoria to promote the principles of the model and implement the Tri-focal Model of Care curriculum.

    This project is led by Alfred Deakin Professor Alison Hutchinson (Chair in Nursing, Centre for Nursing Research, Deakin University and Monash Health Partnership) and Professor Bev O’Connell (Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, University of Manitoba, Canada).