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New work ethics, the professionalisation of stress management and effective schools

D. Colquhoun, P. Kelly, S. Allender

2005 / pp. 1 - 1 / Aare 2005 : creative dissent: constructive solutions: proceedings of the aare 2005 international education research conference

New work ethics? foucault and the spirit of 21st century capitalism

P. Kelly, D. Colquhoun, S. Allender

2004 / pp. 398 - 405 / Asbbs 2004 : proceedings of the 7th american society of business and behavioral sciences conference 2004

Questions and answers

G. Parker, S. Simoens, S. S. Leger, W. Solesbury, J. Sherval, S. Allender, R. Gurbutt, J. Boyce, R. Mannion, D. Kernick

2002 / Vol. 7, pp. 254 - 256 / Journal of health services research and policy