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Population changes to promote cardiovascular health

T. Jørgensen, S. Capewell, E. Prescott, S. Allender, S. Sans, T. Zdrojewski, D. De Bacquer, J. De Sutter, O. Franco, S. Løgstrup, M. Volpe, S. Malyutina, P. Marques-Vidal, Z. Reiner, G. Tell, W. Verschuren, D. Vanuzzo

2013 / Vol. 14, pp. 393 - 403 / Giornale italiano di cardiologia


S. Giampaoli, S. Capewell, E. Shelley, S. Allender, A. Briggs, T. Jørgensen, D. Labarthe, P. Marques-Vidal, B. Stegmayr, W. Verschuren, T. Zdrojewski

2007 / Vol. 14 Suppl 3, pp. S1 - S1 / European journal of cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation