Results for: M. Williams

Recruitment of carer/person with cancer dyads into a randomised controlled trial: factors associated with non-participation and reasons for decline

L. Heckel, K. Fennell, J. REYNOLDS, D. Ashley, M. Botti, J. Chirgwin, R. Osborne, M. Williams, P. Livingston

2015 / pp. 1 - 1 / Cosa 2015 : proceedings of the annual scientific meeting. rare cancers: common goals, 17–19 november 2015, the federation conference and exhibition centre hotel grand chancellor hobart

Efficacy and cost-effectiveness of a telephone outcall program to reduce carer burden and depression among carers of cancer patients [protect]. rationale and design of a multi-state, multi-centre randomised controlled trial

P. Livingston, R. Osborne, M. Botti, J. Chirgwin, C. Mihalopoulos, S. McGuigan, L. Heckel, K. Gunn, D. Ashley, M. Williams, K. Simons

2013 / Vol. 9, pp. 159 - 159 / Cosa 2013 : cancer care coming of age : proceedings of the clinical oncology society of australia's 40th annual scientific meeting