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Resuscitation plans for older subacute care patients following clinical deterioration.

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2018 / 51St aag conference

Moving knowledge into action for more effective practice, programmes and policy: protocol for a research programme on integrated knowledge translation

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2018 / Vol. 13 / Implementation science

Effectiveness of pain management in hospital in the home programs

M. Duke, M. Botti, S. Hunter

2012 / Clinical journal of pain

Care of family with critically ill patients in emergency departments : evidence based guide for clinical practice

B. Redley, M. Botti, M. Duke

2009 / Lambert academic publishing ag & co kg

Patients’ experiences of conscious sedation during diagnostic and interventional cardiology procedures

L. Beddoes, M. Botti, M. Duke

2005 / Heart and lung circulation, asia-pacific international advances conference, first annual cardiovascular interventional symposium