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The global syndemic of obesity, undernutrition, and climate change: the lancet commission report

B. Swinburn, V. Kraak, S. Allender, V. Atkins, P. Baker, J. Bogard, H. Brinsden, A. Calvillo, O. De Schutter, R. Devarajan, M. Ezzati, S. Friel, S. Goenka, R. Hammond, G. Hastings, C. Hawkes, M. Herrero, P. Hovmand, M. Howden, L. Jaacks, A. Kapetanaki, M. Kasman, H. Kuhnlein, S. Kumanyika, B. Larijani, T. Lobstein, M. Long, V. Matsudo, S. Mills, G. Morgan, A. Morshed, P. Nece, A. Pan, D. Patterson, G. Sacks, M. Shekar, G. Simmons, W. Smit, A. Tootee, S. Vandevijvere, W. Waterlander, L. Wolfenden, W. Dietz

2019 / Vol. 393, pp. 791 - 846 / Lancet

Obesity prevention policies and practices in aust ralian primary schools 2006-2013: how far have we come?

J. Wiggers, N. Nathan, L. Wolfenden, C. Williams, S. Yoong, C. Lecathelinais, A. Bell, R. Wyse, R. Sutherland, K. Gillham

2014 / Vol. 21, pp. S184 - S184 / Proceedings of the international congress of behavioral medicine 2014

Population-based, whole of community interventions to prevent population weight gain: a meta-analysis

L. Wolfenden, R. Wyse, M. Nicholas, S. Allender, L. Millar, P. McElduff

2014 / Vol. 21, pp. S95 - S95 / Proceedings of the international congress of behavioral medicine 2014

Good for kids, good for life 2006-2010 : evaluation report

J. Wiggers, L. Wolfenden, E. Campbell, K. Gillham, C. Bell, R. Sutherland, L. Hardy, L. King, A. Grunseit, A. Milat, N. Orr

2013 / Nsw government