Results for: K. Tay-Teo

Modelling the public health consequences of cannabis use in Australia

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2008 / APSAD 2008 : Abstracts of the Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs Conference

Response to Segal and Dalziel [2]

M. Haby, T. Vos, R. Carter, M. Moodie, A. Markwick, A. Magnus, K. Tay-Teo, B. Swinburn

2007 / Vol. 31, pp. 1185 / International journal of obesity

ACE (assessing cost-effectiveness) in obesity – priority setting for obesity prevention

M. Moodie, M. Haby, B. Swinburn, A. Markwick, A. Magnus, K. Tay-Teo, T. Vos, R. Carter

2007 / ASSO 2007 : Obesity : moving beyond the politics