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Carer burden, depression and unmet needs among carers of people newly diagnosed with cancer

L. Heckel, K. Gunn, J. REYNOLDS, R. Osborne, J. Chirgwin, D. Ashley, M. Botti, P. Livingston

2014 / pp. 1 - 2 / Ipos 2014 : abstracts of the 16th world congress of psycho-oncology and psychosocial academy

Efficacy and cost-effectiveness of a telephone outcall program to reduce carer burden and depression among carers of cancer patients [protect]. rationale and design of a multi-state, multi-centre randomised controlled trial

P. Livingston, R. Osborne, M. Botti, J. Chirgwin, C. Mihalopoulos, S. McGuigan, L. Heckel, K. Gunn, D. Ashley, M. Williams, K. Simons

2013 / Vol. 9, pp. 159 - 159 / Cosa 2013 : cancer care coming of age : proceedings of the clinical oncology society of australia's 40th annual scientific meeting