Results for: H. Forbes

Investigating the feasibility and reliability of a task trainer incorporating haptics and virtual reality (VR) to enhance midwifery student learning.

H. Forbes, T. Bucknall, B. Horan, D. Phillips, C. Nagle

2016 / pp. 1 - 2 / SESAM 2016 : Proceedings of the 22nd Society in Europe for SImulation Applied to Medicine Annual Meeting

Who will be first 2 act to recognize and treat the deteriorating patient?

F. Bogossian, A. Beauchamp, T. Bucknall, R. Cant, S. Cooper, B. Devries, R. Endacott, H. Forbes, R. Hill, V. Kain, L. Kinsman, L. McKenna, N. Phillips, J. Porter, S. Young

2013 / Proceedings of the 25th International Council Of Nurses Quadrennial Congress; ICN 2013

Managing patient deterioration: enhancing nurses’ competence through web-based simulation techniques

S. Cooper, A. Beauchamp, F. Bogossian, T. Bucknall, R. Cant, B. Devries, R. Endacott, H. Forbes, L. Kinsman, V. Kain, L. McKenna, J. Porter, N. Phillips, S. Young

2013 / ICN 25th Quadrennial Congress : Program of the International Council of Nurses 25th Quadrennial Congress 2013