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Does the availability of snack foods in supermarkets vary internationally?

L. Thornton, A. Cameron, S. McNaughton, W. Waterlander, M. Sodergren, C. Svastisalee, L. Blanchard, A. Liese, S. Battersby, M. Carter, J. Sheeshka, S. Kirkpatrick, S. Sherman, G. Cowburn, C. Foster, D. Crawford

2013 / Vol. 10 / International journal of behavioral nutrition and physical activity

Physical activity and children : review 3 : the views of children on the barriers and facilitators to participation in physical activity : a review of qualitative studies

S. Allender, G. Cowburn, N. Cavill, C. Foster, N. Pearce Smith

2007 / National institute for health and clinical excellence