Results for: C. Wildey

Barriers to cancer diagnosis and treatment in a large rural area of victoria, australia.

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Intervention outcomes from a randomised controlled trial of diabetes prevention: Mothers after Gestational Diabetes in Australia Diabetes Prevention Program (MAGDA-DPP)

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Mothers After Gestational Diabetes in Australia Diabetes Prevention Program (MAGDA-DPP) post-natal intervention: an update to the study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

S. Shih, N. Davis-Lameloise, E. Janus, C. Wildey, V. VERSACE, V. Hagger, D. Asproloupos, S. O Reilly, P. Phillips, M. Ackland, Others

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Preventing diabetes in pregnancy from progressing to type 2 diabetes : macrolevel system change in South Australia and Victoria: the MAGDA program

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2012 / pp. 53 - 53 / Proceedings of the 7th World Congress on Prevention of Diabetes and its Complications 2012