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Validation of definitions of eczema in infancy used in research

C. Bennett, A. Lowe, R. Boyle, J. Su, G. Varigos, J. Carlin, C. Hosking, C. Robertson, C. Axelrad, M. Abramson, D. Hill, S. Dharmage, M. Tang

2010 / Poster session

Australian cystic fibrosis BAL study interim analysis

C. Wainwright, J. Carlin, P. Cooper, C. Byrnes, J. Martin, K. Grimwood, D. Armstrong, P. Francis, C. Dakin, B. Whitehead, R. Carter, S. Vidmar, J. Cheney, C. Robertson

2005 / pp. 1 - 1 / Proceedings of the 6th Australian and New Zealand Cystic Fibrosis Conference 2005