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Reducing harm, in the acute hospital setting, to people displaying symptoms associated

A. Hutchinson, H. Rawson, B. Richardson, C. Peel, C. Ockerby, T. Bucknall, C. Chalmers, D. Campbell, B. O'Connell, B. Redley

2017 / Australian dementia forum

Tri-focal model of care: impact in residential aged care

A. Hutchinson, H. Rawson, C. Ockerby, H. Walker, B. O'Connell, T. Bucknall

2016 / Capitalising on the ageing dividend: re-imagining our future

Oxygen therapy in clinical practice: management or mismanagement

G. Eastwood, B. O'Connell, J. Considine, L. Greenslade

2015 / Vol. 28, pp. 41 - 41 / Papers and Poster Abstracts : The 39th Australian and New Zealand Scientific Meeting on Intensive Care and the 20th Annual Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Conference

Providing information to stroke survivors : lessons from a failed randomised controlled trial

B. O'Connell, M. Hawkins, M. Botti, R. Buchbinder, L. Baker

2009 / Vol. 12, pp. 4 - 6 / Jarna : the official journal of the australasian rehabilitation nurses' association