Barwon Health

Centre for Quality and Patient Safety Research

The Centre for Quality and Patient Safety Research – Barwon Health enables academic staff to collaborate with clinical colleagues. Multidisciplinary teams work together to plan and implement research relevant to the current healthcare environment.

Barwon Health’s regional and rural location provides the opportunity for collaborative research to be undertaken with QPS School of Nursing and Midwifery partners in metropolitan and rural locations.

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Barwon Health is Victoria’s largest regional integrated healthcare provider. It addresses the health needs of individuals at all stages of life and circumstances through a comprehensive range of services. These services include: outpatients, emergency, acute medicine, surgery, mental health, primary care, community services, aged care and sub-acute care and rehabilitation across 21 sites.

  • Current programs of research

    Our research addresses national priority areas such as:

    • Diabetes and its related complications/consequences i.e. cardiovascular disease, incontinence, frailty, polypharmacy, falls, dementia and hypoglycaemia, which are associated with high service use and health care costs and reduced life expectancy. Increasing age is a risk factor for diabetes and its complications: 280 Australians with diabetes die every day: one person with diabetes in the world dies every six seconds. Type 2 diabetes is the most significant cause of disease, treatment, medicine and self-care burdens.
    • Embedding evidence into service delivery to address the fundamental care needs of older people with complex care needs, with a specific focus on the care of older people with continence issues and those with a diagnosis of dementia.
    • Consumer engagement and communication.

    Our research is organised into three main research programs that focus on helping people live positively, proactively identify and manage risk, and maintain dignity and quality of life and achieve a ‘good death’. The program areas are inter-related and encompass a range of specific research projects. The three programs are:

    1. Diabetes, ageing and palliative and end of life care
    2. Continence care and ageing
    3. Communication for quality and safety in health care
  • Current research projects

    • Developing information to enable older persons with diabetes, their families and healthcare professionals to discuss palliative and end of life care
    • Communication and language concerning palliative and end of life care
    • Enhancing personal and continence care to promote physiological autonomy and manage risk for people who are care-dependent
  • Our team

    Chair in Nursing (Barwon Health)
    Alfred Deakin Professor Alison Hutchinson

    Research Fellow
    Dr Susan Perlen
    Dr Vanessa Watkins

    Post Doctoral Research Fellow in Knowledge Translation
    Renee Fiolet

    Research Assistant
    James Meroiti

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