Community collaboration

Global Centre for Preventive Health and Nutrition

This work sees GLOBE collaborating with community-based practitioners across Victoria and globally, to develop new ways to apply systems thinking approaches to community-based prevention. In partnership with these communities, we are contributing to the development of best-practice and world-leading research in systems-based prevention.

Impacts to the health and wellbeing of communities are complex and numerous and can be connected to one another in ways that are hard to unpack. They can be found in:

  • policies and built environments
  • social norms
  • the subtle differences that define communities
  • populations.

We are working with many communities across Victoria, and globally, to bring together the theories and practices of systems thinking, the lived experience and insight held by communities, and local prevention allies with the goal of developing systems-thinking approaches to support the health and wellbeing of communities. Through projects including WHOSTOPS (South Western Victoria), RESPOND (Reflexive Evidence and Systems interventions to Prevent Obesity and Non-communicable Disease) (North Eastern Victoria) and the VicHealth Local Government Partnership (VLGP) (13 local government areas across Victoria), we are collaborating with communities to develop a model of best practice in systems-based prevention.


    RESPOND is a stepped-wedge, cluster randomized-controlled trial in the Ovens Murray/Goulburn region of Victoria. Prevention teams across 12 local government areas are using systems thinking methods to engage their communities in a conversation about the key drivers of health for their community, and the kinds of actions they could take together to support health into the future. RESPOND also features a large-scale childhood health monitoring study, discussed under the Monitoring and Evaluation theme.

  • Connecting the dots

    Between 2020–23, GLOBE is delivering the Connecting the Dots module, a foundation module supporting VLGP. VLGP is a collaborative approach to building the capacity of council-based teams to champion youth voices in local decisions that affect their health and wellbeing. Connecting the Dots is providing support and mentorship to council teams as they learn and expand their familiarity with systems thinking as a tool for community engagement and planning.