Work Health and Wellbeing

Determinants of Health

The Work, Health and Wellbeing program aspires to a vision of healthy and sustainable work for all. We seek to advance the scientific and public understanding of work as a social determinant of health, and to help shape policy and practice to better protect people from the harmful effects of work, while fostering its health-promoting qualities. We believe that everyone deserves — at a minimum — to have their dignity, health and wellbeing protected at work, and ideally that work would also promote these qualities.

Healthy work promotes physical, mental, economic and social wellbeing and in turn the health and wellbeing of families, communities and societies.

Healthy workers are also more productive and yet, poor working conditions continue to be a major contributor to illness and injury burdens, as well as to health inequalities in Australia and around the world.

Our main research areas are:

  • Social epidemiology
  • Intervention development, implementation, and evaluation
  • Mental health
  • Health equity
  • Occupational health & safety
  • Health promotion
  • Psychosocial working conditions, or job stressors