Social Inclusion

Determinants of Health

The Social Inclusion research stream in Determinants of Health works collaboratively with communities, organisations and governments to promote social inclusion, and looks at ways to improve health and wellbeing, especially among individuals and groups who may be experiencing exclusion.

The Social Inclusion research stream focuses on improving health and wellbeing for individuals and groups, particularly those who may be marginalised due to social adversity, cultural diversity, gender identity, physical disabilities or geographic remoteness. We specialise in employing multidisciplinary approaches to tackle causes of exclusion in practical ways.

Our research profile is characterised by an acknowledgment of the multiple forms of exclusion and diversity of communities:

  • promotion of individual creativity, agency and autonomy
  • remaining optimistic that policies and practices that promote inclusion can be developed
  • tackling causes of exclusion in practical ways

Our work is underpinned by:

  • the development of mixed methodologies
  • multidisciplinary approaches and the application of systems thinking
  • the systematic review and synthesis of the research literature
  • the importance of knowledge transfer and practice development

Our Social Inclusion stream leader is Professor Sharon Brennan Olsen. Email: