IHT Media Report for April-May 2024

Coverage by Media Type
Total mentions by media type in April-May 2024.

Potential Audience Reach
32,564,613 over 61 days (April-May 2024)
Cumulative potential audience reach by media type for April-May 2024.

IHT Media Appearances

  • Adyya Gupta was invited for a media interview by Guardian on the increase in sugar content of SSBs and the interview was featured alongside the President of Australian Medical Association. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2024/apr/10/sugar-increase-in-fanta-and-sprite-prompts-calls-for-new-tax-on-australia-food-and-drinks-industry
  • A/Prof Stéphane Bouchoucha was interviewed and quoted in the following ABC news piece https://www.abc.net.au/news/2024-05-06/hundreds-died-catching-covid-victoria-hospitals-testing-masking/103784896   
  • Kathryn Backholer said ‘an affordable daily diet had edged too far away for many Australians’, in an article from the ABC. https://ab.co/4beFunO

  • In an article published in the The Conversation, Gary Sacks and Kathryn Backholer discuss new evidence that found not all “ultra-processed” foods are linked to poor health and argue that this study should not delay the implementation of policies that are likely to actually improve our diets. https://deakin.au/3WxCJcw

  • Lead author of the study, Gary Sacks, Professor of Public Health Policy and Co-Director of GLOBE, said Inside our Supermarkets aims to recognise good practice, highlight areas for improvement, and advocate for sector-wide progress so that supermarkets can better contribute to improving population health. Read more https://deakin.au/49ZPEap Gary appeared on radio, SkyNews TV and was quoted in a number of press articles. 

  • In an article from the Prevention Centre, Adrian Cameron talks about the new Centre of Research Excellence in Food Retail Environments for Health: Next Generation (RE_FRESH). The NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) funded five-year program of research builds on their previous RE-FRESH CRE (2018–2023), which showed that retail interventions can help customers make healthier choices when buying food and drinks and can also be a sustainable model for retailers. Read more: https://preventioncentre.org.au/news/refresh-cre-enters-a-new-generation/

  • Khalid Muse was quoted in The Canberra Times speaking on the common health misinformation around vaping. He said that the use of vapes has skyrocketed among his peers. Read more https://bit.ly/4diwCiu

  • Gary Sacks joined ABC Radio talking on the impact of sugar on our health and whether a tax on sugary drinks might make a difference to companies constantly increasing sugar content. The amount of sugar in some of the most common soft drinks has increased in recent years by as much as 60 per cent. This is despite a pledge in 2018 by the Australian Beverages Council to reduce sugar in drinks by 20 per cent by 2025. Hear more: https://ab.co/3JocUUv

  • Professor Tony LaMontagne features on the latest Psych Health and Safety Podcast, discussing his published paper titled “Work-related causes of mental health conditions and interventions for their improvement in workplaces”, published in The Lancet in 2023. The paper explores the evidence that psychosocial hazards harm mental health and provides recommendations for addressing these hazards in the workplace. Listen on your favourite Podcast app. Read more https://bit.ly/4cV4fXq

  • Australia could be facing increasing COVID-19 infections by the end of April at the earliest. Catherine Bennett, in an interview with Inner East Review, recommends a booster shot for those who haven’t been infected with COVID or vaccinated for more than six months, to improve immune response. Read more: https://bit.ly/3Jd9xzP This article was syndicated throughout Australia, and Catherine was interviewed multiple times on radio and TV. 

  • Want to quit vaping? There’s an app for that! Published in the The Conversation and The Geelong Addy, Fiona McKay and Matt Dunn’s recent research assesses which apps are the best to help people quit vaping and which app features to look out for. Read more https://deakin.au/3xiqdTY

  • Our understanding of long COVID is still evolving and incomplete, but the future looks brighter as we move beyond “what is it?” to “what can we do about it?”. In an article published in Insight+ magazine by Medical Journal of Australia, Danielle Hitch’s research provides insight into the current long COVID landscape and suggests direction for providing future quality care. Read more https://bit.ly/3TH5KiU

  • How risky is turbulence on a plane? How worried should I be? Published in The Conversation, Hassan Vally, explores why we sometimes think the risk of getting injured while travelling by plane is higher than it really is. https://lnkd.in/g–wHGYz This article was syndicated in a number of publications.

  • Published in the latest issue of Contemporary Nurse, Sara Holten and Rochelle Wynn‘s article outlines some of the benefits of using social networking sites in research particularly how it can overcome many of the traditional barriers to participation in face-to-face discussion groups and enable people from diverse backgrounds and locations to participate in research. Read more Full article: Social networking sites: a powerful tool for co-design and discussion group research (tandfonline.com).

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