Last month, IHT PhD student Ramas McRae featured in an article from Research Matters. It’s a great article as it demonstrates Deakin’s and IHT’s commitment to inclusion for all researchers. When asked what is the best part about studying at Deakin and IHT, Ramas says it is the exceptional support provided by the Disability Resource Centre and the valuable networking opportunities within IHT:

  • Supportive Environment: Deakin has demonstrated its commitment to inclusion and an accessible learning environment through the provision of sign language interpreters and captioning. I don’t expect any advantage relative to other students, simply to level the playing field by being able to study and achieve in a similar manner to anyone else.
  • IHT: Deakin’s IHT offers a unique opportunity to connect with experts and other researchers in the health field. This network provides valuable insights, research opportunities and professional development, enhancing my academic experience.

Ramas also reveals how he hopes his research will contribute to the prevention of adverse mental health outcomes in the Deaf community, and where people can learn more about supporting a person who’s deaf or hard of hearing.

Read the full article (accessible to Deakin staff) written by Stephanie Dimitropoulos.