HDR Scholarship applications in Chronic health problems: people with obesity and intellectual disability, close 3 November 2023

A PhD scholarship is available to initiate and conduct research on the topic ‘Chronic health problems: people with obesity and intellectual disability’.
Applications close 5pm, Friday 3 November 2023

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National Intelligence Postdoctoral Grants Application Support Initiative – Notice of Interest due 6 November 2023.

What is the Postdoctoral Application Support (PAS) Initiative?

To drive greater quality, diversity and inclusion ONI will pilot the PAS initiative to provide application support to eligible National Intelligence Postdoctoral Grants (NIPG) Applicants. The NIPG, funded by ONI on behalf of the National Intelligence Community (NIC), supports the development of expertise, creation of new insights and lays foundations for new capability. These research grants enable the NIC to systematically engage with Australia’s world-class research and technology community.

How to Access ICAS

  • Eligible applicants must submit their Notification of Interest to join a PAS webinar through the Research Office of their respective University.
  • The Research Offices will conduct an eligibility check for each applicant and forward a compiled list of Notification of Interest confirming the eligibility of the participants. This list is required by COB 6th November.
  • ONI will invite eligible applicants to the PAS webinar directly.


There will be two identical webinars for applicants and RO staff on the 15th and 16th of November from 2 – 3:30pm AEDT.

Download the NIPG PAS Information Sheet

The Australian Academy of Science EMCR Forum: Science Pathways Festival 2023: Reframing Success 6-30 Nov 2023

The Science Pathways Festival 2023: Reframing Success, running from 6–30 November 2023 is the 7th edition of Australia’s premier biannual conference on professional development of EMCRs. The event brings together EMCRs from around the country, to discuss and learn skills for building diverse, equitable and resilient careers to continue to tackle society’s greatest challenges. Science Pathways Festival 2023 also offers unique opportunities to network with leading scientific professionals from some of Australia’s top organisations in public and private enterprise. Sessions include collaborating with industry; revolutionising STEM research metrics; influencing decision-making; transitioning sectors or re-entering the workforce; securing grants; and mastering media training.

UK-Aus Networking Grant Opportunity closes 9 November 2023

We would like to bring to your attention that the Academy of Medical Sciences, in partnership with the British Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society (the four National Academies), has recently launched the first round of Networking Grants.

The awards provide up to £25,000 to support the formation of interdisciplinary networks with researchers in the UK. They are open to researchers in any area within the remit of the four National Academies, including natural sciences, mathematics, computer science, engineering, humanities, social sciences and medical research.

Applications should be submitted jointly by one UK researcher and one overseas researcher (Australia included), with multiple other countries able to participate as core partners or collaborators. Applications for round one are open from 20 September until 9 November 2023.

For further information or any questions, please contact:
Lara Krasnostein, UK Science & Innovation Network (SIN) Australia
Email: lara.krasnostein@fcdo.gov.uk Phone: +61 (0) 499 199 589

FOH 2024 Partnership in Practice: Research Impact Awards applications close 13 November 2023

The Faculty of Health will be holding a “Partnerships in Practice” awards night on Thursday, April 18, 2024, at Deakin Downtown (time to be confirmed). This event will celebrate our research partnerships across the Faculty, and both Faculty staff and research partners will be invited.

As part of this event, the Faculty will be awarding prizes for research partnerships that have delivered the greatest impact, across the following categories:

  • Early-career researcher/s
  • Mid-career researcher/s
  • Regional and Rural research
  • Informing policy and/or practice
  • Health Service partnership research
  • Commercial partnership research
  • International partnership research

Download the application form (including guidelines).

Winners will receive $1000 in internal research funding (including travel), while an overall winner will also receive $5000 in internal research funding.

Applications are due by COB, Monday 13 November 2023.

NOIS for the next round of NHMRC Ideas Grants 2024 close 6 Dec 2023

The objective of the Ideas Grant scheme is to support innovative research projects addressing a specific question(s).

In the previous 2023 round, NHMRC allocated an additional $7 million to this round to support innovative dementia research projects led by EMCRs; key structural priorities were Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research and researchers, and gender equity – female and non-binary lead investigators; funding/gap partners were Cancer Councils, Cancer Australia & Funding Partners, McCusker Charitable Foundation and Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation. Information on priority funding areas and partners for 2024 will be released in the 2024 Guidelines.

Key Dates:
NHMRC has not released any information for the coming round. NHMRC dates are anticipated based on previous round.

  • Faculty NOIS by 6 Dec 2023
  • Sapphire Opening TBA
  • DR Grants Compliance Check TBA
  • NHMRC Deadline TBA (early May 2024)

Those with current Ideas 2023 applications still under consideration do not need to submit a NOIS. The faculty office will contact these applicants after outcomes are announced to discuss resubmissions.

Following NOIS deadline, the faculty office will provide relevant SRIC Directors/AHoSR with a NOIS list to confirm area support.

Deadlines and link to faculty NOIS form are available on FoH Research NHMRC Calendar.

In addition to the previous 2023 round Application and Peer Review Guidelines, prospective applicants should ensure they read Key Characteristics of High Scoring Ideas Applications, watch the Peer Review Mentor recording, read the Peer Review Q&A transcript, and look up outcomes info on our FoH Grant Resources SharePoint and NHMRC outcomes factsheets.

Please contact hbs-research@deakin.edu.au if you have any queries.

Nourish Network Call for Contributions

Nourish Network has grown in both scope and reach in recent times. Our teams are vibrant places to learn and share, and our projects are seeding fruitful outcomes. We now have many great collaborations with local government associations, food retailers, health services and academic institutions.

Now is a pivotal time for the Nourish Network. We are seeking contributions, funding or in-kind, from our highly skilled and well- connected members to explore opportunities for further growth.

There are many ways for members to support the Nourish Network, and together, continue to realise our mission to ‘ Work collaboratively to make healthy and sustainable retail food available and accessible to all’.

How members can contribute:

  • Partnering with us in funding applications
  • Offering in-kind supports, such as expertise
  • Connecting us with aligned funders and networks

We would love for you to join us to forge partnerships, research or otherwise, to help us grow our capacity. For further information and to discuss opportunities for contribution, please email Anna Peeters.

Heart Foundation Research Consultation Survey

The Heart Foundation invites the cardiovascular research community to complete a brief feedback survey on current Heart Foundation research funding and processes. Visit Heart Foundation site for more information.

Have you ever undertaken research in a sensitive area?

QPS is looking for researchers to take part in a 30 min semi-structured interview to share your experiences and recommendations for self-care and preventing secondary trauma.

Register for the PRESTARSS Study (Preventing and REsponding to Secondary TraumA in Researchers addressing Sensitive issue)

Are you looking for a research assistant?

My name is Claire Newcombe and I am a second year Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science student at Deakin University. I have just completed HSE213 and have been advised by Brittany Swelam to contact IPAN regarding potential research assistant roles in 2024.

I am planning on completing a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology in the future as well as going down the Honours and research pathway in 2025. I am looking for an opportunity to be exposed to the world of research, and to learn whether or not this is something I want to pursue following my Bachelors degree.

I am extremely interested in health promotion, and specifically the barriers and facilitators of physical activity women of all ages face. I am passionate about helping others, and aim to achieve this through both clinical and research avenues as I think both are equally critical in providing practical solutions for the population.

I was just wondering if there were any roles for research assistants next year, or any other opportunities where I can be involved in research projects? I would love to be part of a research practicum in any capacity. Please email me on clairenewcombe2003@gmail.com and I can send through my Resume for your consideration.


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