International Health Economics Association Conference
Cape Town, South Africa

Hear from Dr. Julie Abimanyi-Ochom as she reflects on her time spent at the International Health Economics Association Conference (IHEA), South Africa.

“I had the privilege of attending the IHEA conference in Cape Town this July, and it proved to be a truly remarkable experience. The event brought together global experts, researchers, and professionals in health economics, fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge and ideas.

One highlight was the diverse range of topics discussed, including new health economics methods including estimation of health-related quality of life, and increased evidence from low and middle-income countries. The session on equity statistics and strategies to bridge the gap between the global North and South was particularly thought-provoking, offering insights into different solutions to ensure inclusivity.

The closing session, exploring the nexus between health economics and environmental economics in the face of climate change, was inspiring. It emphasised the need for multidisciplinary and methodological approaches to tackle global health challenges of our time.

Networking opportunities were abundant, allowing me to invite two distinguished guest speakers to Health Economics in a Global context unit. They shared valuable insights on health financing and priority setting from their experiences in India, Sub-Saharan Africa and Canada.

Beyond the conference, I enjoyed the beauty of Cape Town, taking a group tour of Table Mountain and its surrounding beaches. I also had an opportunity to visit Cape Town University which is nestled in a mountainous area, which was a unique experience. The affordability of food and the richness of restaurants around the waterfront added to the overall enjoyment.

Looking ahead, I’m excited for the next  IHEA conference in Calgary and encourage others not to miss out on this enriching experience!”


Australia Health Economics Society Conference
Adelaide, South Australia

Dr. Peter Lee tells us about his time at the Australia Health Economics Society Conference (AHES).

“I was fortunate enough to present my work on exploring the relationship between geographic remoteness and quality-adjusted life expectancy at the AHES 2023 conference. It was a fantastic opportunity to disseminate research findings and foster collaboration among fellow health economists across institutions. Research presented at AHES covered a broad swathe of topics ranging from cancer care, government policy and the implementation of novel methodological approaches for addressing long-standing issues in health care.

Notably, a lot of interesting and relevant work is being conducted to address inequality and disparities in health care from a health economic lens. As this was my second AHES conference, it was also great to see a lot of familiar faces as well as the evolution of various research projects over time. Lastly, conferences are an excuse for me to socialise with the DHE crew outside of work and explore the local food haunts – the food in Adelaide was definitely a highlight.”

Long Covid Conference Melbourne, Victoria

On September 1st, Associate Research Fellow, Mary Rose Angeles delivered a presentation at the Long COVID Conference on Impacts, Evidence, and Better Care, held at Federation Square and organized by the Victorian Department of Health. Her presentation, titled ‘Costs and Outcomes of Acute Care for COVID-19 and Viral Pneumonia in Victoria,’ delves into the outcomes, costs, and healthcare resources involved in providing acute care for individuals with COVID-19, comparing them with the costs associated with patients with viral pneumonia. The analysis used the VAED dataset from January 3, 2020, to June 30, 2021. The manuscript associated with this presentation is currently under review at MJA. This project received funding under the HSD/CAT 1 Seed Funding Program, led by Associate Professor Kelli Nicola-Richmond and Dr Danielle Hitch.

HTA Review Conference Committee Meeting
Melbourne, Victoria

In September Dr. Anita Lal presented at a Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Review Reference Committee meeting. The Committee is responsible for overseeing the HTA Policy and Methods Review that is currently underway. The purpose of the meeting was an ‘HTA Review Deep Dive: Addressing Health inequities for First Nations Australians’. Her presentation titled ‘A framework for incorporating equity in HTA for First Nations Australians’ informed the committee of the importance of quantifying health equity impacts of health technologies and the trade-offs between equity and efficiency that can arise.  She demonstrated how this can be quantified using distributional cost-effectiveness analysis.

Ending Loneliness Together Symposium, University of Sydney

Deakin Health Economics PhD student Ishani Kartik Majmudar showcased her ground breaking research at the Ending Loneliness Together Symposium hosted at the University of Sydney. Her study delves into the impact of loneliness on the health service utilisation and quality of life of informal carers in Australia, shedding light on a crucial yet often overlooked issue. The symposium convened esteemed researchers focusing on various facets of loneliness, fostering an enriching exchange of insights and perspectives.