Woolworths have recently announced that they are committing to healthier checkouts and end of aisle displays. Read on Gary Sacks and Adrian Cameron’s perspectives about this change in a recent piece published by RE-FRESH.

A group including Tony LaMontagne has had a feature published by Life in Mind about Suicide in the Australian Mining Industry based on their review of National Coronial Information System data.

Read the latest Deeble Institute for Health Policy Research, Issues Brief co-authored by IHT’s Natalie Winter ‘Prioritising carers’ health and wellbeing in the healthcare system’ which examines the pressures carers are under, the limited support currently available, and how clinicians and our health system can best safeguard their health and wellbeing.

Read this Health Services Daily Article ‘Workplace measures to reduce sitting time not cost-effective’ featuring the research of our DHE team.

As part of a feature for World Breastfeeding week the Star Weekly has included a collaborative project with Western Health and QPS researchers Linda Sweet and Vidanka Vasilevski to enhance access of low income mothers to hospital grade breast pumps for supporting the provision of breastmilk to their premature babies.