Forecast opportunity: IHT Cat1 Seed Funding Grant

The Institute for Health Transformation provides funding to support early and mid-career researchers for projects that will inform future Category 1 (Cat 1) grant and/or fellowship applications. It is part of the Institute’s Cat 1 Development Process that aims to provide a high-quality pipeline of projects for Cat 1 submissions in the medium to long term. Funding parcels range from $5,000 – $20,000.

The scheme runs annually and is anticipated to open on Monday 9 October and close on Friday 17 November this year, with projects to commence in 2024. An email will be sent across the Institute and Schools when applications open.

IHT Affiliation in publications

Recent work with the library has shown that not all IHT members include an IHT affiliation in their publications. This means that their amazing work is not always reflected in IHT’s reports. It also means they are not reaping the full benefits of their association with IHT, and that their work is not necessarily contributing to IHT’s targets.

We encourage all members to include IHT in the affiliation section of your publications so we can ensure your work is captured in our reporting and your association with IHT is evident.

The recommended affiliation structure is: Deakin University, Geelong, Australia, Institute for Health Transformation, [domain], [school], [faculty]. 

More information on recommended affiliations, including affiliations that acknowledge partnerships, is available in the IHT Communications Guidelines.

Share your partnership successes (and your challenges)

We love telling the stories of our partnership successes and challenges to promote great work and to help other IHT members learn from each other’s experiences. Email Amy Brown to discuss how best to tell your story.

Share partner-related intel

Has a partner told you about their changing priorities, personnel, challenges you couldn’t address yourself or opportunities you weren’t able to capitalise on? Flick Amy an email to keep us in the loop!

Food-EPI Australia reports

The full set of reports for the Food-EPI Australia 2022 reports are now available on the Food Policy Index website.

The Food-EPI reports are designed to be used for ongoing advocacy on food policy – please feel free to distribute them widely and cite them as consensus documents (including participation from 84 experts, from 37 organisations).

For more information, please contact Gary Sacks (

Faculty of Health Academic Study Program – applications open for trimester 1 2024.

The academic study program allows eligible academic staff a period of 1-6 months to work with local and internationally renowned academics, professionals and industry leaders from other institutions, and provides the opportunity for uninterrupted research activities. The Faculty of Health encourages applicants to consider proposal to collaborate with our national and international strategic partnerships. Funding support for your ASP program calculations are based on time spent at your host destinations. Please note you must discuss your application with your HOS prior to applying.

Links to the Research Development ASP procedure and the ASP application form, including the Head of School recommendation, can be found on the Faculty SharePoint.

Applications (to your HOS) close Monday 17 July 2023.

Applications with the HOS recommendations to Faculty (Steven Sawyer) – Wednesday 2 August 2023.

Faculty of Health Thinkers/Industry Experts in Residence (TIER) Program

Applications for TIER during the first half of 2024 (January to June) are now open.

This program is designed to bring world leaders, senior high level strategic thinkers, from academia or industry to Deakin University for a 1-to-2-month period. Thinkers/Industry Experts in Residence (TIERs) will be leaders in academia/industry who bring a broad understanding of their field or industry sector in the context of future thinking and are willing to work in close collaboration with Faculty of Health staff across multiple disciplines. Applicants from partner organisations, academic or industry, will be looked upon favourably.

Please note that the Faculty will have a limited budget and only the highest quality TIERS can be supported.

The Guidelines and application form are available from the Faculty of Health Research SharePoint. Applications close 10:00am Monday 24 July 2023 – submit to

Partnership Event Funding scheme

Do you need to bring together existing or potential external research partners? Members can apply for up to $5000 funding support for the development, planning and execution of partnership events that advance the work of the Institute by bringing together existing and potential industry research partners.

This can include:

  • Engaging potential partners
  • Establishing a collaboration
  • Deepening existing relationships
  • Planning expansion of partnership related activity
  • Exploring partnership ideas with stakeholder groups
  • Discussing potential projects to overcome stakeholder challenges

Applications are open all year, but get in quick before all the funds are used!

Find more information on the IHT Members Portal or by contacting IHT’s Strategic Programs Manager, Amy Brown.

Our partnerships are key to our success!