In late March, Erica Reeve was an invited regional expert at the World Health Organization’s Expert consultation on validating a nutrient profile model for formulated complementary foods and strategizing its application across countries. The consultation was held in New Delhi, India on 30 and 31 March.

In April Gary Sacks presented the Food-EPI results for Tasmania directly to Premier of Tasmania, the Honourable Jeremy Rockliff and the Premiers Health and Wellbeing Advisory Council.

Adrian Cameron, Tailane Scapin and their colleagues have been awarded funding from Universidad de Lima for their project Small neighborhood stores (bodegas) and obesogenic environments in Lima, Peru.

Colin Bell has been appointed an Adjunct Professor – CPOND at the Fiji Institute of Pacific Health Research. The Institute supports Pacific Island Countries in developing healthier communities by focusing on knowledge creation, exchange, integration, and application through research as well as innovation and research capacity needed to address their communicable disease, obesity and NCD crises, address sexual health issues, promote, restore and/or maintain population health and well-being and reduce inequalities in health.

Congratulations to the following members who were recently upgraded to full IHT membership:

  • Erica Reeve, Research Fellow, GLOBE
  • Adyya Gupta, Research Fellow, GLOBE
  • Florentine Martino, Research Fellow, GLOBE
  • Ben Wood, Research Fellow, GLOBE
  • Kate Sievert, Associate Research Fellow, GLOBE

And a big congratulations to Grace Arnot from our Determinants of Health domain. Grace has published her first PhD paper, Australian young people’s perspectives about the political determinants of the climate crisis, in the Health Promotion Journal of Australia. We are keen to profile your first PhD papers in the newsletter, so please let us know once yours has been published.