Angela Dew spoke to ABC News about the barriers refugee face when accessing government services, such as the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Catherine Bennett reflected on her experience being in the spotlight during the COVID-19 pandemic with The Age. Catherine also appeared in SBS News, where she spoke about the for flu vaccine uptake amid soaring cases of the flu.

Gary Sacks received significant media coverage following the release of the Western Australian and Northern Territory government scorecards for implementation of globally recommended policies to improve population diets.

Hannah Pitt spoke to ABC Radio National’s Life Matters program about her research with older adults and the risks associated with changing gambling environments.

Kathryn Backholer was featured in Croakey on Australia’s Early Years Strategy and the importance of focusing on nutrition as a key driver of children’s health.

Sara Holton’s research into the wellbeing of community health workers during the COVID-19 pandemic has received wide-spread coverage.

Serene Yoong’s trial of the Baby-EATS online program received significant media coverage.