A visit from the Singapore Health Promotion Board

Members of the Singapore Health Promotion Board visited IHT recently to share their experiences and priorities and hear from members of IHT about our obesity prevention work.

  • Dr Chew Ling, Group Director, Youth Preventive Service: Chew Ling helms the Youth Preventive Service for children and youth under 18 years old, including health screening, immunisation and oral health, to promote good foundational health in the young.
  • Mr Tan Wearn Haw, Director, Strategic Planning & Collaborations: Wearn Haw drives the Board’s direction in ensuring good health of the population by identifying strategic thrusts, providing evidence-informed recommendations, and establishing strategic collaborations locally and internationally.
  • Ms Marilyn Su, Manager, Strategic Planning & Collaborations: Marilyn supports the strategic planning and corporate monitoring functions, as well as international partnerships to contribute to capability building in the region.

The board members were particularly interested in

  • Australia’s National Strategy for Obesity for different segments of the population and research by Global Centre for Preventive Health and Nutrition (GLOBE) on Obesity prevention,
  • Strategies for Child and Maternal Health including upstream strategies to tackle screen use, increase physical activity and healthy diet of children outside the school ecosystem,
  • Innovations and novel collaborations with research institutions and private entities to drive population behavioural change in lifestyle risk factors, and
  • Performance and evaluation frameworks to measure the progress and outcomes of health promotion activities.

Alfred Deakin Professor Anna Peeters, Associate Professor Adrian Cameron, Associate Professor Serene Yoong and Dean’s Postdoctoral Research Fellow Adyya Gupta did a great job representing IHT and GLOBE and presenting on relevant work. The team look forward to hearing more about the work happening in Singapore and opportunities for future collaboration.

Congratulations to:

Julie Considine received well-deserved recognition for her 15 years’ service as the College of Emergency Nursing Australasia representative on the Australian Resuscitation Council.

Julie Considine recently received well-deserved recognition for her 15 years’ service as the College of Emergency Nursing Australasia representative on the Australian Resuscitation Council. “Of the Council’s 21 members, only 3 represent nursing – Australian College of Nursing, College of Emergency Nursing Australasia, and Australian College of Critical Care Nurses,” Julie says. “I am very proud to represent my profession and speciality.”

Julie Considine is also an Associate Investigator with a team of Chief and Associate Investigators, led by the University of Sydney, who have been awarded $1,494,519.50 in MRFF funding for a project titled ‘Nurse-Led Improvements to the Quality and Safety of Residential Aged Care – Project HIRAID Aged Care’.

Andrea Driscoll, Ali Hutchinson, Bodil Rasmussen, and Meg Pollock who have been awarded $1,488,730.44 in MRFF funding for a project titled ‘SAFE-HF – tranSlating heArt Failure guidElines into practice: a RCT of a Nurse Practitioner primary care service’.

Serene Yoong, who received more than $1.3 million from the MRFF to trial the Baby-EATS online program with more than 600 young children aged under two years and their families, and across 60 Australian childcare centres.

Trish Livingston will co-lead a three-year MRFF project, titled ‘iCare – An interactive online portal to improve health and wellbeing for people living with complex cancers, and their informal carers: a Phase II randomised controlled trial’, totalling $826,731.86. The team includes Ali Hutchinson, Anna Ugalde, Natalie Winter and Eva Yuan. The project will test the feasibility and acceptability of iCare – a first-of-its-kind tailored, interactive web-based portal – to help deliver meaningful health impacts for people living with upper gastrointestinal cancers and their carers.

Nina Imad, who won the people’s choice and meritorious awards at the Implementation Science Health Conference Australia.

Renee Fiolet whose paper, Community perspectives on delivering trauma-aware and culturally safe perinatal care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents, was published in the Q1 journal, Women and birth.

Tracey Bucknall, Julie Considine, Ian Graham, Bridey Saultry, Jenny Watts, Shalika Mudiyanselage, and Ali Hutchinson whose paper Prioritising Responses Of Nurses To deteriorating patient Observations (PRONTO): a pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of a facilitation intervention on recognition and response to clinical deterioration was listed as one of the top research articles of 2022 in the BMJ Quality and Safety.

Elizabeth Holmes-Truscott, Jane Speight, Amelia Lake and Amelia Williams, who have received a Diabetes Australia Research Program 2023 General Grant of $69,883 for their project, Perceptions and experiences of social stigma among women with gestational diabetes: An exploratory qualitative study and development of a novel questionnaire employing co‐design.

Dani Hitch and her colleagues at COVIDTHON, a COVID-focused datahon hosted by the Centre for Victorian Data Linkage and Bendigo Health.

Amelia LakeFiona McKayJaithri Anathapavan and Ha Le who were nominees for the Faculty of Health’s Partnership in Practice Awards.

Ali HutchinsonAna Hutchinson, Jennifer Browne, Julie Considine, Adrian Cameron, Anna PeetersBodil RasmussenDanielle HitchDieu NguyenElla RobinsonGary SacksJasmine Chan, Sarah Dean, Liliana Orellana, Anna Wong Shee, Louise Greenstock, Natalie Winter, Genevieve Pepin, Paul CooperMary Lou ChattertonMary Rose AngeleseSara HoltonTailane ScapinVicki Brown, Karen Wynter, and Sithara Wanni Arachchige Dona who took home awards at the Faculty of Health’s Partnership in Practice Awards.

EMCR Committee’s Writing, networking and leadership forum

Congratulations to the Inaugural IHT EMCR Celebrity Heads Champions! L-R: Urvi Thanekar, Ishani Majmudar and Renee Fiolet.

Thank you to everyone who attended the recent Writing, networking and leadership forum hosted by IHT’s EMCR Committee. The agenda, slides and photos from the workshop can be found on the IHT Members’ Portal.