Employment opportunities

Short-term casual role to support the leadership of an International Consensus to end Diabetes Stigma

Details as follows:

  • Aim: To support a three-round Delphi-like method to reach expert consensus on several statements of evidence and recommendations on diabetes stigma
  • Expected timeframe: late March to mid-May
  • Work fraction / hours: estimated between 20-30 days of work across a 6-8 week period. Flexible as long as project progress is achieved
  • Salary / position: Casual RA or RF position depending on qualifications / experience
  • Role: The casual staff member will act as an independent, non-voting, Delphi moderator
  • Tasks: Online survey administration (including survey preparation, distribution, and respondent tracking), rapid analysis of incoming data and communication with expert panel subgroup of de-identified data to inform subsequent survey rounds. Note, with permission, the individual will be acknowledged in publications. Authorship will be considered only if independence can be maintained while meeting authorship criteria
  • Experience / expertise:
    • Essential: experience administering online surveys (including personalised URL and participant tracking); statistical analyses and communication of results
    • Desirable: experience with Delphi-like methods and/or multi-time-point surveys
    • Independence: We are seeking expertise in methods (online surveys / Delphi), not expertise in diabetes or stigma. Given the nature of the role, applicants will not be suitable if they have existing publications, grants, projects or collaborations relating to diabetes stigma

For more about the ACBRD, please visit: https://acbrd.org.au/

To enquire, please contact Professor Jane Speight (jspeight@acbrd.org.au) and Dr Liz Holmes-Truscott (etruscott@acbrd.org.au).

Grampians for Kids Program Manager.

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