In December, Catherine Bennett provided expert commentary in a Guardian analysis Was 2022 the year Australia came to terms with COVID?

Hassan Vally wrote an explainer for The Conversation, We’re entering a new phase of COVID, where we each have to assess and mitigate our own risk. But how?

IHT PhD candidate Kimberley Watson-Mackie spoke to 7NEWS about the extent of judgement felt by mums over the school lunches they pack.

Samantha Thomas has spoken to several outlets about gambling advertising and the need to restrict advertisements on social media.

Kathryn Backholer spoke with ABC News Canberra about her work funded by the Heart Foundation.

Two articles written by IHT researchers were featured in The Conversation’s annual collection of essays, 2022: Reckoning with Power and Privilege: Christina Zorbas and Kathryn Backholer’s Yes, $5 for lettuce is too much. Government should act to stem the rising cost of healthy eating, and Jo Watson’s By naming ‘Pennhurst’, Stranger Things uses disability trauma for entertainment. Dark tourism and asylum tours do too.

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