Welcome to 2023! IHT has had a busy start to the year, with plenty of programs and schemes being launched in this newsletter, as well as new grants and a lot of media spots. I am excited about what this year has to offer and look forward to continuing to support our emerging research leaders to address today’s complex health challenges.

Thank you to everyone who completed our All Members’ Survey and for the time that you have taken to provide thoughtful and useful comments on many of our initiatives in 2022.  This was the third consecutive year for the survey and the response continues to grow, with 132 members completing the survey. You can find a copy of the final report online .

The Operational Team is already utilising those responses in our planning for 2023. You can see our first PhD profile in this newsletter, which will be continue to be updated with a new and improved format in the coming months. The survey responses are also extremely helpful to inform our Strategic Refresh Workshop with the Executive Team in mid-February and our upcoming All Members Days.

Congratulations to all the recipients of our 2023 Seed grants and to Alison Hutchinson and team who were awarded a Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P) grant to work with A2I2 and HomeGuardian AI to develop an AI model that identifies indicators that occur prior to a fall, allowing carers to take preventative actions to reduce the likelihood of a fall. Congratulations also to all those who contributed to our media reach of more than 790M in 2022, I recommend Brydie’s collation of some of our top stories from 2022.

Finally, I hope everyone had a happy and restful break. I’ve enjoyed catching up with those who have ventured back into the office, and it’s been lovely to see everyone’s holiday and end of year photos, including Tari Bowling’s assistance dog, Peanut, who learned to be a kayak dog over the break!

I look forward to seeing you all at our morning teas (dates to come!) our first All Members Day for the year on 5 April. Planning for this event is already underway, and I’m sure it will be a great opportunity for us to connect.


A warm welcome to our new IHT members Cadeyrn Gaskin (Senior Research Fellow, DoH), Navoda Liyana Pathirana (Research Fellow, GLOBE), Kim Robinson (Senior Lecture Social Work, DoH) and affiliate member Paul Agius, Biostatistics.