Australian-first model estimates significant healthcare savings from reduced time spent sitting

From reducing risk of illness and disease, to potentially saving our healthcare system millions of dollars, a new model developed by IHT researchers showed that reducing sitting time has benefits for many Australians.

‘What matters is hope, freedom and saying who you are.’ What LGBTQ+ people with intellectual disabilities want everyone to know

During Pride month, IHT researchers shared the thoughts and experiences of dozens of LGBTQ+ people with intellectual disability on what matters most to them.

New report points to positive signs for health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in Victoria

In 2022 IHT and Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (VACCHO) were thrilled to launch The Aboriginal Data and Action on Prevention Together (ADAPT) report.

The report provides valuable insight into links between nutrition, physical activity and wellbeing amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in regional Victoria.

Junk food companies turn to TikTok to further exploit children

In July, new IHT research shed light on the highly exploitative actions of junk food companies using TikTok—a social media platform hugely popular with children—to recruit users as virtual brand ambassadors to market their products online.

How’s your brain health tracking? New app promotes brain health and help-seeking to detect dementia in older Australians

A new evidence-informed app that uses games to track users’ brain health may aid in the timely detection of dementia among older Australians.

HypoPAST a world-first online psycho-educational program to reduce hypoglycaemia-related anxiety

HypoPAST will be the world’s first fully online psycho-educational program designed to reduce hypoglycaemia-related anxiety through improved prevention and management of hypoglycaemia.

Bridging science and community during the COVID-19 pandemic

Join epidemiologists Professor Catherine Bennett and Associate Professor Hassan Vally as they discuss science communication, social media and traditional media and their roles in the COVID-19 pandemic.

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