Decarbonising our healthcare, a prescription for action

The final of our new Healing Health episodes was released in November. In Decarbonising our healthcare, a prescription for action, Rebecca Patrick and Mike Forrester unpack their work in sustainable healthcare and discuss a path forward for the decarbonisation of the healthcare sector.

Listen on the IHT website, or wherever you find good podcasts.

Steve Allender named national leader in obesity prevention

Research Australia – Australian Obesity Research Launch 2022

IHT’s Steven Allender has been acknowledged among the nation’s leading researchers in obesity prevention by in a new report from Research Australia.

Deakin University was listed among the top five obesity research institutions within the report which demonstrates Australia’s global leadership in obesity research and calls for local change to prioritise and accelerate progress for the millions of Australians who live with obesity.

Read the report and media release on the IHT website.

New IHT research grades the Victorian Government at a C+ on preventive health

Following the release of federal data from the Food Policy Index, November saw the release of state-based data for Victoria. The report has found the new Victorian government must focus on bolstering the capacity of the Health Department and other agencies to take actions relating to health promotion, and public health nutrition.

Read the report and media release on the IHT website.

Release of new Long COVID modelling

Mary Rose Angeles, along with our IHT friend and colleague Martin Hensher, released new modelling that demonstrates the scale and impact of Long COVID in Australia.

The models suggest that a minimum of 160,000 Australians will be experiencing Long COVID in early December, over 35,000 of whom will find their daily lives significantly impacted by illness.  It is, however, very likely that over 500,000 people will have Long COVID symptoms, and that more than 110,000 of them will suffer significant impacts from their symptoms.

Read the media release and report on the IHT website.

Western Alliance Symposium

Vidanka Vasilevski presents at the Western Alliance Symposium

It was great to see IHT-well represented at the Western Alliance Symposium in Dunkeld on the 21 and 22 November.

Congratulations to all the presenters for a job well done and thank you for flying the IHT flag.  Vidanka Vasilevski (pictured), from QPS presented on her BRaVe Preparation Study: Identifying barriers and enablers to engage vulnerable populations with perinatal healthcare services

The MRFF-funded DELIVER Project was featured as a keynote with an update provided from the project team and overview of co-design methods being utilised across the program.

Also, Suzanne Robinson, provided an overview of the recently published Australia’s health reimagined: The journey to a connected and confident consumer, which she co-authored.

Presentations and videos from the Symposium will made available in the coming weeks.


 Anna Peeters and Miranda Blake are featured in the latest episode of the PreventionWorks podcast – a podcast by The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre (TAPPC) with host Gretchen Miller.

The episode focuses on healthy food retail in healthcare settings. Listen on the TAPPC website, or wherever you get podcasts.

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