Refresh of the MRFF Assessment Criteria (October 2022) – MRFF has refined the descriptors for the criteria used to assess MRFF grant applications to ensure the MRFF supports the highest quality health and medical research to improve the health and wellbeing of Australians, and better support applicants and assessors to submit and review applications. Visit the Department of Health and Aged Care website for more information.

Australian Medical Research and Innovation Priorities 2022-2024 came into effect on 6 Nov 2022. These Priorities were developed to inform Government decisions on MRFF investments in health and medical research. The 2022-24 Priorities superseded the Australian Medical Research and Innovation Priorities 2020-2022, which were in force until 5 November 2022. Visit the Department of Health and Aged Care website for more information.

Faculty CREN (Community Research Engagement Network) SharePoint

The CREN has developed a Sharepoint with a range of resources to guide and facilitate community and consumer engagement in research. It also lists the CREN advisers who are available to guide community engagement across several fields.

Faculty of Health Academic Study Program (ASP) 2023

The Faculty’s Academic Study Program (ASP) allows eligible academic staff a period of 1-6 months to work with local and internationally renowned academics, professionals and industry leaders from other institutions, and provides the opportunity for uninterrupted research activities. The Faculty encourages applicants to consider proposal to collaborate with our national and international strategic partnerships.

Please note you must discuss your application with your Head Of School prior to applying.

Links to the Research Development ASP procedure and the ASP application form, including the Head of School recommendation, can be found on the Faculty SharePoint site.


Applications (to your HOS) close Thursday 9 February 2023.

Applications with the HOS recommendations to Faculty (Steven Sawyer) – Thursday 23 February 2023.