The value of partnership for meaningful change in healthy food retail

Hosted by RE-FRESH and the Nourish Network, join us in-person or via the live-stream to hear our panellists share their experiences and learnings on the value of working in partnership, plus tips on how to empower communities to enact impactful change in healthy food retail.

Panellists include IHT’s Amy Brown; Dr Megan Ferguson, University of Queensland; Professor Cliona Ni Mhurchu, The University of Auckland; and Fiona Watson, UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office; with Alfred Deakin Professor Anna Peeters.

Date: 18 October

Time: 1-2pm

Location: Deakin Downtown or online


Transformative dialogues in clinical practice

This webinar, featuring IHT’s Bodil Rasmussen, focuses on input and discussion on the relevance of transformative and reflective dialogues in clinical practice.

Date: 26 October

Time: -5.55pm AEDT

Location: online via Zoom


Building capacity to empower people

This webinar, featuring IHT’s Bodil Rasmussen, Judy Currey and Debra Kerr, focuses on how professionals can engage with people going through transitions by improving communication skills between staff and patients/students.

Date: 24 November

Time: 6-6.55pm AEDT

Location: online via Zoom


Sustainable Health Discovery Workshop

This workshop will showcase IHT led projects in sustainable healthcare, sustainable food systems and health and environmental change. Stay for morning tea and meet with our new Clinical Lead – Sustainable Healthcare, Dr Mike Forrester.

Date: Thursday 17 November

Time: 10am-12pm AEDT

Location: Burwood, BC3.019, IHT hub, BC building, level 3; Waterfront, AD2.308, AD building, level 2; or online via Zoom.


Building Better Health Workshop

This workshop will showcase current research from staff and students, as well as provide opportunities to brainstorm future ideas and network with colleagues interested in the health/built environment nexus.

Date: Monday 21 November

Time: 10am-2pm AEDT

Location: A+B Gallery, John Hay Building (D), level 4, Waterfront


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Improve your industry engagement and develop effective and successful strategic partnerships

Presented by Campus+.

Campus+ offer on-demand industry engagement and strategic partnership creation webinars tailored specifically to university and academic audiences.

Improve your industry engagement, develop effective and successful partnerships, or view other recordings on the Campus+ website.

If you are looking to engage a new industry partner or set up a strategic partnership, get in touch with Amy Brown, IHT’s new Strategic Programs Manager amy.b@deakin.edu.au

Developing digital mental health tools for adolescents and young adults with type 1 diabetes: promise and potential pitfalls

Presentation by Dr Anna Serlachius (Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology, University of Auckland) on developing digital mental health tools for adolescents and young adults with type 1 diabetes: promise and potential pitfalls. The session was chaired by Prof Jane Speight (ACBRD) with a Q&A following the presentation.

Watch now on the ACBRD website

Implementation strategies: the ‘how’ of implementation

Presented by Alison Hutchinson and colleagues from IPAN, this webinar will be particularly relevant to research staff who are relatively new to implementation science and/or those wanting to refresh their knowledge with respect to implementation strategies.

Watch on the Faculty of Health’s SharePoint site

Developing research impact stories

Presented by Dr Jimmy Twin from the Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research, shared the learnings and process of developing research impact stories, publicly available short summaries of identified impacts and future potential impacts.

Watch now on Vimeo

Climate-related mental health and young people

IHT PhD student Hasini Gunasiri presented in this webinar hosted by the Australia Health Promotion Association to discuss her work in this space.

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EMCR workshop: Successful publishing

A big thank you for the impressive attendance at the EMCR Networking and Successful Publishing workshop at Deakin Downtown on 8 September! Close to 40 EMCRs attended in person, and 21 joined online to the keynote presentation and expert panel session.

The EMCR committee hope you gained valuable strategies and insights into maximising your publication outputs.

The workshop slides presented by Elizabeth Manias are now available on the Members Portal.