Jennifer Browne and Mark Lock have received a VicHealth Impact Research Grant to report on the health and wellbeing impacts of commercial activities on Victorian Aboriginal people and communities.

Jaithri Ananthapavan, Pam Nguyen, Natasha Hall and their colleagues have been awarded $245,000 by the Australian Prevention Partnership Centre to build an economic model to assess the cost-effectiveness of alcohol interventions at the population-level.

Nicki Hartney has been awarded a DeakinDesign Transformation Seeding Grant of $10,000 to undertake a project titled ‘Course wide revision and digitalisation of an authentic longitudinal virtual midwifery caseload of women’. The project will develop background ‘stories’, including scripts and clinical documentation for a virtual caseload of women to be included as a resource in the undergraduate and postgraduate midwifery courses. Actors will be filmed using the scripted content to provide relevant background, clinical information and visual cues. The midwifery team will have input into the development of the cases and provide feedback around authenticity and clinical relevance.

A team led by Claire Crossfield including Meg Pollock and Sophie O’Keeffe have been awarded a DeakinDesign Seeding Transformation Grant of $5,000 to support a project titled ‘Interactive branching scenario simulated learning’ to build more authentic branching scenarios for HNN325 Quality and Safety: Comprehensive Nursing Practice. Interactive patient scenarios will be developed with different outcomes presented dependant on the decisions that the students make during a simulation. This will support students to develop their clinical decision-making and critical thinking skills in preparation for workforce entry as a Registered Nurse.