I would like to thank all our members for your continued flexibility and resilience amid more COVID disruptions in the past month, including the cancellation of the Western Alliance symposium and postponing of the IHT All Members Day to 3 October. Thanks to Kate Morrissy and Diane Russack for so smoothly transferring our AMD event time and time again!

A reminder that wellness resources and information are available on DeakinHub, along with info on Winter working arrangements.

July has been a significant month for IHT in the media. You will find the full details below. A few highlights include Hassan Vally and Catherine Bennett’s work in COVID-19, Christina Zorbas’s food pricing research, Ruby Brooks and Kathryn Backholer’s TikTok research, and Jo Watson’s interview about Stranger Things and dark tourism. Our total potential audience reach for July is more than 130M, demonstrating the real world impact of the work that you all do.

Congratulations to the Deakin School of Nursing and Midwifery, which has risen 10 places and is top 20 in the world in the Global Ranking of Academic subjects. A shout out to DHE and GLOBE, who have updated their logos and website content highlighting the connection between the domains and IHT. And a note that GLOBE is now the Global Centre for Preventive Health and Nutrition.

Welcome to new members:

Keren Best, Research Fellow, QPS

Katherine Pye, PhD Student, DHE

Sela Ki Folau Fusi, PhD Student, GLOBE

Kylie Kendrick, PhD Student, DoH

Bianca Whiteside, PhD Student, DoH

Urvi Dinanath Thanekar, PhD Student, DoH

Hasini Gunasiri, PhD Student, DoH