Hassan Vally penned an article for The Conversation on herd immunity and why we’re not talking about it anymore. He also spoke with ABC News about the pandemic.

Catherine Bennett spoke with ABC News about the Howard Springs quarantine facility. She also appeared on news.com.au where she discussed Omicron subvariants and spoke to 3AW about COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

IHT affiliate member Danielle Hitch wrote about the impact of Long COVID of disadvantaged communities.

Alemayehu Mekonnen, Bernice Redley and Elizabeth Manias wrote an editorial piece for InSight Plus on medication-related harm in older adults.

Amie O’Shea co-authored an article for The Conversation on her work with LGBTQ+ people with intellectual disabilities.

Jo Watson wrote about dark tourism and the use of trauma for entertainment, as seen in Stranger Things’ recent introduction of the Pennhurst Mental Hospital – based on the real-life Pennhurst State School and Hospital – to their latest season.