A reminder that our D&I Leads Program is up and running.

The D&I Leads program provides a conduit of support for issues relating to D&I across the Institute. D&I Leads are key contact people within IHT who members can reach out to when required. The D&I leads can also support line managers by supporting them to take action on D&I issues by talking through an issue or, more often than not, pointing them in the right direction for assistance and more information.

This month we would like to profile our IHT D&I Lead, Utsana Tonmukayakul!

I grew up and grow old in mixed cultures. I have been surrounded with people from different ethnics, genders and social spectrums. Moving to overseas broaden up my mind even more. I believe everyone should be treated respectfully, but sometimes conflict can happen. Navigating supports we need and/or available can be challenging. D&I Leads is your compass.

A bit more about myself. I am a research fellow and PhD student at Deakin Health Economics. At Deakin Health Economics, we are interested in how things can work efficiently because we want to do something better at less costs. So we involve in assessments of many health programs and interventions.

Please get in touch: utsana.tonmukayakul@deakin.edu.au

Other D&I Leads include:

Laura Alston (laura.alston@deakin.edu.au)

Diane Russack (d.russack@deakin.edu.au)

Sara Holton (s.holton@deakin.edu.au)

Louisa Smith (louisa.smith@deakin.edu.au)

Kathryn Backholer (Kathryn.backholer@deakin.edu.au)