Community Consultation and Digital Health Literacy Support

Congratulations to Anna Ugalde, Eva Yuen, Paul Cooper, Anna Peeters, Kate Huggins, Kate Anderson, Feby Savira, Bodil Rasmussen and Natalie Winter, along with colleagues from the School of Medicine (Sandeep Reddy, Imran Muhammad) and Deakin Business School (Lemai Nguyen)! Anna and her team have received $70,000 from Western Victoria PHN to undertake a literature review for digital health literacy and access, conduct extensive community consultation across the western Victoria region and identify a Digital Health Maturity Assessment Tool.

Safer Care Victoria

Healthcare Worker Wellbeing

Anna Peeters, Kate Huggins and Fisaha Tesfay have received funding to synthesise evidence to inform best practice for capturing and monitoring data on healthcare worker wellbeing in Victoria.

Improving self-management of cardiovascular disease in the home

Andrea Driscoll and Ralph Maddison (IPAN) have received funding to explore patient and carers’ experiences of accessing specialist services via telehealth in regional areas. This research will seek to understand patients’ preferences for support and delivery options and evaluate user experience of telehealth services in regional areas.