The D&I Leads program provides a conduit of support for issues relating to D&I across the Institute. D&I Leads are key contact persons within IHT who members can reach out to when required. The D&I leads can also support line managers by supporting them to take action on D&I issues by talking through an issue or, more often than not, pointing them in the right direction for assistance and more information.

This month we would like to profile our IHT D&I Lead, Diane Russack!

I am the Administrative Coordinator for the Institute for Health Transformation and I feel that it would be an excellent fit with my role to be a lead for the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

A large part of my administration role is to assist IHT members with accessing information and services across the university. D&I needs are already included in this requirement and I am keen to attend the training that will provide me with a better understanding of what is available and where it can be accessed.

My career history has been administrative support roles and I feel that the D&I Lead role will be totally suited to my skill set and I have a strong understanding of the confidentiality required with the role.  I work hard on building strong relationships with IHT members and hope that will place me as am someone they will also be comfortable approaching to provide assistance.

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