Opportunity to present – HSH702 Contemporary Health Issues and Policies

Do you research policy? Does your research influence policy?

Matthew Dunn is looking for volunteers to record new or supply existing online presentations to inspire our next generation of health workers.

The presentations will be used in HSH702 Contemporary Health Issues and Policies, a postgraduate health policy unit that is core with several masters courses, including the Master of Public Health and Master of Health and Human Services Management.

Two weeks of content in this unit are dedicated to presentations from people either talking about research or work they have done which have informed policy decisions or advocacy.

If you are interested in more information, or in contributing a presentation, please contact Matthew at m.dunn@deakin.edu.au

 Nourish Network

The Nourish Network’s Health Food Retail Recognition action team is seeking to work with local government organisations to co-design a healthy food retail recognition program that provides public acknowledgement of retail outlets that provide healthier food and drinks to the community. If you are aware of or have a connection with a local government organisation that you think may be interested in taking part, please share with opportunity with them. Interested organisations can contact Megan Adam at megan.adam@deakin.edu.au for more information.

A video interview and podcast episode with Professor Anna Peeters about the project are available for sharing with anyone who you think may be interested in taking part in the project.

Opportunity to evaluate the impact of connection to nature on children’s mental health

Recent Masters of Applied Science graduate Chloe Messner has launched Natur.ed, an outdoor after school care program that seeks to strengthen primary school students’ connection to nature.

Chloe is seeking interest in evaluating the program’s impact on children’s mental health. Learn more about Natur.ed in the Surf Coast Times. Contact Chloe Messner at cmessner@deakin.edu.au for more information.

Need help?

If you’d like to submit something to appear in next month’s Help desk, please send your request through to health-transformation@deakin.edu.au.