Results for: 2018

The SMILES trial: an important first step

F. Jacka, A. O'Neil, C. Itsiopoulos, R. Opie, S. Cotton, M. Mohebbi, D. Castle, S. Dash, C. Mihalopoulos, M. Chatterton, L. Brazionis, O. Dean, A. Hodge, M. Berk

2018 / Vol. 16, pp. 1 - 3 / BMC Medicine

Predictors of return to work in survivors of critical illness

C. Hodgson, K. Haines, M. Bailey, J. Barrett, R. Bellomo, T. Bucknall, B. Gabbe, A. Higgins, T. Iwashyna, J. Hunt-Smith, L. Murray, P. Myles, J. Ponsford, D. Pilcher, A. Udy, C. Walker, M. Young, D. Jamie Cooper, ICU-Recovery Investigators

2018 / Vol. 48, pp. 21 - 25 / Journal of critical care

Resuscitation plans for older subacute care patients following clinical deterioration.

M. Street, J. Considine, T. Bucknall, H. Rawson, A. Hutchinson, M. Botti, M. Duke, M. Mohebbi, T. Dunning

2018 / 51St aag conference