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The timing of rapid-response team activations: A multicentre international study

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2013 / Vol. 15, pp. 15 - 20 / Critical care and resuscitation

Patient comfort in the intensive care unit: A multicentre, binational point prevalence study of analgesia, sedation and delirium management

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2013 / Vol. 15, pp. 213 - 219 / Critical care and resuscitation

Missed medical emergency team activations: Tracking decisions and outcomes in practice

J. Guinane, T. Bucknall, J. Currey, D. Jones

2013 / Vol. 15, pp. 266 - 272 / Critical care and resuscitation

Are wrist fracture patients less likely to commence anti-fracture therapy?

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2013 / Vol. 24, pp. S605 - S606 / Proceedings of the iof regionals, 4th asia-pacific osteoporosis meeting