Results for: 2009

Recognition and edemocracy for members of the community with lifelong disability

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Under the autism : coping with an adult son or daughter with autism

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Modelling the uk burden of cardiovascular disease to 2020

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2009 / Cardio & vascular coalition and the british heart foundation

Regulatory approaches for obesity prevention in Australia

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Stroke statistics

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Collaboration or combat? older parents’ experiences with service providers

M. Hines, S. Balandin, L. Togher

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Is prevention of depression affordable?

C. Mihalopoulos, T. Vos, J. Pirkis, R. Carter

2009 / First invitational conference on the prevention of depression

Guideline for the non-surgical management of hip and knee osteoarthritis

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Care of family with critically ill patients in emergency departments : evidence based guide for clinical practice

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Providing information to stroke survivors : lessons from a failed randomised controlled trial

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