Results for: 2007

Coronary heart disease statistics

S. Allender, V. Peto, P. Scarborough, A. Boxer, M. Rayner

2007 / British heart foundation & stroke association

Physical activity and children : review 3 : the views of children on the barriers and facilitators to participation in physical activity : a review of qualitative studies

S. Allender, G. Cowburn, N. Cavill, C. Foster, N. Pearce Smith

2007 / National institute for health and clinical excellence

ACE (assessing cost-effectiveness) in obesity – priority setting for obesity prevention

M. Moodie, M. Haby, B. Swinburn, A. Markwick, A. Magnus, K. Tay-Teo, T. Vos, R. Carter

2007 / ASSO 2007 : Obesity : moving beyond the politics

The ACE (Assessing Cost Effectiveness) approach to priority setting

R. Carter

2007 / pp. 1 - 1 / IHEA 2007 : Proceedings of the International Health Economics Association 6th World Congress : Explorations in health economics

The ACE obesity project

R. Carter, M. Moodie, M. Haby, B. Swinburn

2007 / pp. 1 - 1 / COMnet 2007 : Proceedings of the Harvard School of Public Health COMnet meeting

Physical activity and environment programme guidance : fieldwork report

S. Allender, N. Cavill, C. Foster

2007 / National institute for health and clinical excellence (nhs)