Results for: 2005

Australian cystic fibrosis BAL study interim analysis

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ACE-Obesity : cost-effectiveness of a school-based nutrition education intervention to reduce the consumption of sweetened carbonated beverages

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2005 / pp. 1 - 1 / Health outcomes 2005 : making a difference : the 11th Annual National Health Outcomes Conference

Measurement of costs of the community-based intervention for the prevention of obesity in adolescents project

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2005 / pp. 1 - 1 / Collective creation of our future : the plight of modern Pacificans : Pasifia Medical Association of New Zealand 7th Annual Conference hosted by the Tonga Medical Association, August 21st - 24th, 2005, Nuku'alofa, Kingdom of Tonga

Patients’ experiences of conscious sedation during diagnostic and interventional cardiology procedures

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2005 / Heart and lung circulation, asia-pacific international advances conference, first annual cardiovascular interventional symposium

Occupational health services in higher education : third annual report

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2005 / University of oxford, department of public health